Joystream Handbook
The testnet token of our most recent testnet blockchain


This is the native asset of the testnet, it is minted by the testnet blockchain as a reward for various roles, and initial balances can also be obtained for newcomers. It is needed to pay transaction fees and do staking on-chain.


Jsgenesis had linked the total supply of tJOYs to a corresponding pool of fiat currency (USD) held by the company. All testnet participants can redeem their tJOY for USD at any time. Every council period, some amount of $USD is added to the pool in order to roughly maintain the exchange rate of $tJOY, despite continuous issuance (i.e. dilution) used to fund on-chain expenses, such as validation, rewards, etc. A dashboard showing up to date information on $tJOY stats, will be published soon(tm).

Live Dashboard

<Ben add dashboard>

Acquiring $tJOY

The easiest way to get your first $tJOY is to either
  1. 1.
    Get in touch with the Integrators on Discord, they are present 24/7: Feeling Lost?​
  2. 2.
    Try to create a membership in Pioneer, where the faucet will give you some free initial $tJOY.
  3. 3.
    Try to create a channel in Atlas, where the faucet will give you some free initial $tJOY.

$tJOY is not $JOY!

Importantly $tJOY balances have no relationship to mainnet $JOY balances, there will be no conversion of any kind.

Cashout $tJOY to $USD

The $tJOY earned on testnet can be converted into USD, paid out in the crypto currency BCH, with Jsgenesis at an exchange rate which does change, but Jsgenesis attempts to keep quite stable. Learn more about this here. The reason we allow cashing out $tJOY is to allow people to cover some costs of participating in the tesnets, something which does require some time and occasionally some resources. This can be done here.