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Testnet FAQ
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How do I get on the council?

You have to win a seat as part of the elections, and this requires persuading people to vote for you, in you yourself do not have sufficient $tJOY to back your own candidacy. However, Jsgenesis will be looking to help a few promising newcomers each council, as described in jsgenesis-endorsement.


Does $tJOY Convert to $JOY?

No, absolutely not, it never will.

Should I hold $tJOY or cashout?

Only hold the $tJOY you need to use for staking or paying fees, which should be very little, cashout everything else, it's value over time will decline.

What determines the value of $tJOY?

This testnet asset is convertible by cashing out to $USD with Jsgenesis, and the exchange rate is held more or less stable, with slow decline, over time by Jsgenesis attempting to balance the effect of the minting on the testnet that causes dilution.

What is the value of one $tJOY in $JOY

This will fluctuate somewhat between each Council Period Scoring round.
If you are earning $tJOY for being part of a working group, or through bounties created by the HR group, in this scoring period, you can calculate the amount of $JOY you are earning from the formulae below, where:
  • the currenttJOY_BUDGET and JOY_BUDGET can be found in Council Period Parameters​
  • tJOY_EARNINGS are the amount of tJOY you earned, or expect to earn during the period

Founding Members

How many founding members will there be?

There is no explicit target, but one can attempt to work out what a sensible minimum number of highly committed and competent people are required to operate the DAO on mainnet launch usia simple toy model, as follows:
Estimated #
Council Member
Marketing Lead
Human Resources Lead
Human Resources Representativ3
Builders Lead
Storage Providers Lead
Storage Providers
Distributor Lead
Distributor Lead
Content Curator Lead
Content Curator
Membership Lead
Membership Evangelist
Forum Moderator Lead
Forum Moderator
Gateway Lead
Assuming each actor would only occupy a single role, which may not be true - certainly in the infrastructure working groups (storage & distribution), and further assuming we would want to have some redundancy - say 3x , in founding members to the absolute needed number of actors, as not everyone, this yields an estimate of the number of founding members to be
However, this is just an estimate to give some insight into our thinking, we could do well with more or less than this.

How long will this program last?

Our goal is to keep it going as long as possible until mainnet launch, possible even going beyond mainnet. The only reason to stop it before this time would be to make substantial changes due to some identified problem, or because we have severely exceeded what seems like a feasible total number for the purposes of the program.

Can I sell my membership?

No, this is strictly against the rules. If it was ever discovered that a membership has been sold at any point, before or after becoming a Founding Member, then this membership would be disabled and kicked out from the program. We will do a final verification before genesis launch where we confirm initial verifications done.

How much $JOY makes me a Founding Member?

There is no direct relationship between $JOY earned and FM status, howeve the more the better in terms of your prospects. If you are unsure about why you have not yet earned the status, despite a high $JOY allocation, please write [email protected].

Can I get kicked out?

Very much so, yes, please read the full ruleset below. Jsgenesis reserved the right to evict anyone from the founding member program, or to deduct or remove their $JOY allocation, including permanently banning them from future participation. Actions such as attempting to attack the integrity of the program, for example by subverting the verification, or by attempting to sell shares of $JOY allocations, will lead to the most severe and immediate sanctions. We will be conducting blind tests to ensure that there is no abuse.

Can I get credit for work performed between Incentives 2.0 and Incentives 3.0?

No, we do not have the resources to go back and evaluate testnet activities which took place during this period. We communicated clearly at the time that during this period no rewards would be in place for participants during those few months, and we will now be focusing exclusively on Incentives 3.0.



Our current best estimate is Q2 2022.

Still need help?

  • If you are already in a working group, try asking the Lead first!
  • If you're new and want to get started, get in touch with the HR group on our discord by asking in the #start-here channel
  • If not, we try to be available on discord, try pinging @blrhc#0162 and/or @bwhm#6514. On most weekdays, we strive for one of us to reply within an hour *. On weekends, we check in at least twice a day.
* inside reasonable hours (CET)